… very beautiful these eyes, they glance, and the thrill of the lips.

You are excellent for the lips, it is unusual, I cannot think of the last time I saw an artist put the primary expression in the mouth.

And if you think about it, since the mouth is so important, it is strange that it is so rare.

I know more than 3000 living artists, and for most of them who are figurative artists, they are embarrassed by the mouth.
It is so powerful in our culture, it’s like kryptonite … you are afraid to go there.

So, I have learned something from this artist, and I learned something from all of you and that is why I come here. Because now I know it is possible.

And I can say to another artist, you can do more with that mouth …

John T. Spike (Artistic Director, Florence Biennale 2005)